In March, 2011, two amateur chefs (really just a couple of babes who like to cook), set out to learn all there is about food. Tall order, I know.

We wanted to share our passion for fresh, happy ingredients, a desire to question where they are coming from, and a healthy irreverence for doing things by the book.

Thus, over martinis, Tasty Jams, a radio program on growradio.org was founded. Based in Gainesville, FL, grow is a non-profit internet radio station and a wonderful community resource. Tasty Jams has been off the air since September 2012, but it inspired me to think about food so much… I decided to be a farmer.

Now, this is where I write things down that I want to share with the world. Much of it is food related, the rest hardly related to anything.

Hope you enjoy!
-Ambria Klingle

3 Responses to Explanation

  1. Lindsey Garland says:


    I’m a journalism student writing a story about the U.S. Barista Championships, and I’m looking to get some information on the event from a competitor. I saw your name on the competition’s website and was hoping you could help me out and show me the baristas’ perspective on the event. How did you get involved in this competition? Do you have to try out or qualify to compete? What kind of competitions are involved in the championship, and what kind of skills are baristas judged on?

    My story is due on Wednesday, so I realize this is short notice, but I just need a few quotes so it shouldn’t take up too much of your time. Please try to get back to me as soon as possible!

    Lindsey Garland

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