Earthday Everyday, K?

Weeping for the wounds of the world
by the quarry pond scar
my feet dipped in
water around ankles swirled.

Two geese placidly paddled across it
clouds rolling darkly
opening, closing eyes
they leaked like the faucet
in the bathroom downstairs
both sink and tub
despite cranking handles
still wasted water cares.

What first had me shaken
was evil men do to men
hate for sake of hate
and many lives are taken
but when I wept
I found the burden to be deeper
not just what we do to eachother
but moreso to our green mother,
our lively keeper.

The stones removed from this quarry
to create some false comfort, some industry
some monument or fortune
you know the story
and instead of revenge or hate
she makes it beautiful regardless,
a pond for fish to swim,
a place for geese to mate.

I allowed myself to feel
just sadness, not guilt
and explored those depths
alone and wailing well-bottom
on which humanity’s future must be built.

Each torrent of tears
brought more clouds and more wind
playing music on the surface
it tried to dry the tears
of all of those who’ve sinned.

A flat, leggy green spider
keeping company on a rock
didn’t think or talk
just listened higher and wider.

Then I saw the fishes
not a foot away from feet
they floated as I wilted
they counted up my wishes.

One fish flopped up
undoubtedly to catch a fly
but I thought it funny
imagining he just
flipped out to say hi.
my laugh was wild and sounded harsh
so similar to cries,
calm and joyful as a tree
trying bark on for size.

Guilt, Revenge, Fear, and Hate
if we remove this yoke
we’d live more like the forest
we might enjoy this cosmic joke.

About Ambria

I amuse myself. I hope you like it too.
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