Hot dog Obfuscate: A Challenge Sestina

Out the window is a bicycle
kryptonite chain hangs slack
dapper man my view will obfuscate
looks down at cell phone (hotdog)
Now I view each bike particle
bolts, links, rainwater’s wheel tangent

A business plan for hot dogs
delivered upon bicycle
heat holding box bottom tangent
to wheel, parallel to ground particles
logo on box, do not obfuscate
this work, I’d never slack

Something left him a particle
a one on subway, jaw slack
clutching bag, eyes obfuscate
a man you’d never call a hotdog
I’d suggest a ride on bicycle
I’d suggest a wild tangent

Oscar Meyer hot dog
mobile truck not bicycle
each meat part particle
reaches up smiles tangent
to bun, which will obfuscate
all of a dog when it frowns slack

Hulk’s muscles do not slack
flexes for organic particle
smoothie and hot dog
color pictures abundant, obfuscate
eyes on a tangent
see whizzing by bicycle

Layers of translation obfuscate
the truth of hot dog
cannot be proven with bicycle
chain and casing slack
how unprovable each particle
how unreal the tangent

About Ambria

I amuse myself. I hope you like it too.
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