Wilted Spinach!

With chicken or tuna, I often like to make an open-faced sandwich, or “melt,” if you will. A layer of spinach between chicken and cheese was the perfect addition.

Ramen soup – totally boring if you let it be! I’ll do a whole section on this another time, but for now, I’m putting spinach in as I turn the heat off. Delightful, fresh.

On everything also means under everything!

Like fish! Nothing soaks up delightful fish juices like wilted spinach. Make sure you don’t try to have leftovers….

In stuffing, just put the fresh spinach right in the bird with your bread. Superb.

In rice, right as the last of the water is being absorbed, toss in a couple handfuls and let it steam right on top.

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  1. Jake Summers says:

    Keep working ,fantastic job!

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