Road Kill

I arrived on Sunday, at my new farm of employment. Monday was milking in the morning, putting away the previous batch of cheese, fetching a cow who had calved a day ago to bring her in with the other mothers (the calf in tow with buck teeth), reorganizing the cheese cave, and tending the shop. Cyprus taught me things all day. It was a good days work, and we went upstairs to relax for a minute before dinner.

I thought about taking my dirty jeans off. “Cyprus! Laurel hit a deer, do you want to help dress it?”. Of course” I put back on my jacket.

The deer was closer than I imagined and we drove the tractor up to hang it on and brought it to the hay barn. Slit and spilling (after being secured to the ceiling) a bulging stomach emerged, ready to burst. Punctured it oozed half-digested grasses copiously. From the wind pipe to the butt hole, Micheal removed the gut parts of the young buck. The gall bladder was not punctured. Dogs were very interested.

We hung it up and agreed that Cyprus and I would skin it and butcher it the next afternoon. She had a book! And I had seen something like it done!

The tool part was the lacking. I couldn’t find a bone saw. We had a large heavy cleaver and sharp small knives to skin him with. And it went fairly smoothly. We didn’t skin the head and I chopped it off. No better no worse than sawing. I wound up for the first stroke, and hit the neck, hoping to make it straight through with just one strike. No such luck, but I was surprised and pleased at the amount of progress made. The cleaver split through the first layer of muscle and significantly dented the spinal cord.

I hacked and hacked and made it through. “I’ll remember not to fuck with you,” said Cyprus, and we continued on with the process. We chopped down the length of the spinal cord, unfortunately mutilating the meat more than it already was from the sedan which drove over it. She had plenty of opportunity to try the cleaver and see the satisfaction of hefting it up and letting it drop in the proper cleave. We quartered it and cleaned up the stainless steel bakery table, which was borrowed for the job well done.

My hands, covered in the blood of an innocent bystander, made themselves busy and useful in the butchering of this waste meat.

Backstrap recipe:
Remove backstrap (the meat along the spine), attempting not to sever. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Salt and pepper both sides liberally. Wrap in bacon or don’t. Put it into the preheated oven and drop temp to 325. Cook 30ish minutes until internal temp is 130 for rare. Slice and eat.

Try to not waste food!

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