TV Poem

Righty tighty
lefty loosey
she’s in her fifties
they’re in their forties
twenty thirteen let’s go
embedded in the floor panels
the robot can go
underneath the grid
so it saves you a lot of money?
what is it capt’n?
the crocodile is trapped
sometimes I get the feeling
that I’ve never ever had before
you two get along?
we’ve always talked
and you know
from coast to coast
a cup of coffee should be easy as 1, 2
just one
America’s freshest technology
she’s fine
she’s headed home.
he’s dead sir
he was shot down by the bandits
saddle up.
well naturally
she likes things done properly
I bid you good nite.
Every other day
powerwalk another day
only one
this is my heartbeat
an extra kick of nutrition
that’s what people are afraid of.
short term only, clear your schedule
for tomorrow
move to Florida
the other hotel, the one in the
Hell- Hello?
Down Here
push the limits of science
to save lives
hike, boo
cheers, whistle
she runs a small
breeding center
today w/ the world
the way it is
conservation is most interesting
to me.
The time of year
when we are excited about sports
then breed in the United States
millions of birds in flocks
so enormous
fly so far as Northeast Canada.

About Ambria

I amuse myself. I hope you like it too.
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